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Unfortunately, in this relationship, neither one will have such an experience if they choose to wait for someone else to make the first move. Both Aquarians are very objective and logical in all things, including the people they spend most time with. Emotions could show to be an obstacle between the two, but with enough persistence, it's possible to get past it.

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By now, you should be able to guess what we have to say about this couple's sex life: no restrictions, no taboos, no shame. An Aquarius doesn't understand why some people would want to hold back on their deepest desires when it comes to sex, so it's easy to imagine that this match will be highly compatible in sex.

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Unfortunately, in most cases, this is as far as an Aquarius-Aquarius couple usually gets. The reason behind that is the difficulty with which they engage in relationships, because of their fear of commitment.

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Once they learn to include their emotions in sex and actually express how they feel, they'll have a much higher chance of a successful relationship. If they ever manage to convince each other to get married, this couple will be unstoppable. Two Aquarians often appear to others as if they will conquer the world and nothing can stand in their way.

These highly creative individuals will seek any unconventional activity and they'll support all of each other's wacky ideas. The two partners will have plenty of separate friends and they will want to spend time with them without having to drag the other everywhere. This works well for both of them, because it's a win-win situation - they'll get to be part of a jealousy-free relationship, and they will get their daily dose of freedom. According to some, this would be a match made in heaven.

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Trust should not be something this couple need to worry about. Neither partner is clingy nor controlling, nor do they constrain the other in any sort of way. By being given their much-needed liberty, trust between them is formed slowly, but surely. They will have to start criticizing the other for such a level of understanding to be shattered. If there is one thing an Aquarius will never get tired of doing, that would be discussing new ideas and perspectives on life.

Communication is key in this relationship, so, naturally, nothing less can be expected. Their nights together will be spent endlessly talking about how to save the world or what could be the next breakthrough invention.

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The one thing an Aquarius values most of all is their independence. Once the two Aquarians realize that they share a mutual understanding of this need, they will fall in love much quicker. Other than that, what an Aquarius values might vary, depending on all the things surrounding them. Still, they'll easily find mutual ground in their long and meaningful conversations about the future and how everything can be better tomorrow.

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Time to connect the dots by connecting with the stars. Aquarius and Aquarius How compatible are Aquarius and Aquarius? Aquarius January 20 - February Aquarius Compatibility with Other Signs. Aquarians have a tendency to fight for justice on a global scale and are defenders of the downtrodden — often they feel guilty about devoting time to romantic interests. Friends need to convince them its okay to refuel and refocus the relationship every so often.

Both are commitment-phobes and afraid of falling in love. They are scared of getting too close and losing control. How do I know its love? Are these palpitations a heart attack or worse — romance? They read Sunday papers during late brunches and discuss editorials. The bedroom is probably where they shine.

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Although this might sound clinical its hell better than contracting some nasty disease and allows Aquarius to be more experimental and adventurous. Marriage confuses them and if you ask why expect a lecture on patriarchal conventions tied to money and blood lines. They might do a wedding for a joke or dare, in which case expect Elvis impersonators and a black wedding dress — Aquarius have the capacity to ruin the sanctity of marriage in one fowl swoop.

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As fixed signs they want their own turf and space, and consider any attempt to change or rearrange things a down right invasion. As global citizens Aquarius have jobs that require travel and much of the relationship might feel like ships passing in the night.

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In a successful Aquarius marriage, they work for the same cause or in the same political office which mean less skyping and phone sex. Aquarius can be married a long time, suddenly get curious about the biological process of producing a baby and, immediately, over-population takes a back seat to creating new life. As parents Aquarians ensure their children are resilient and independent — they believe in quality time spent together — devices are switched off and the home is filled with enough fantasy and fun to keep little minds active and inquiring.

Decoding Aquarius and Aquarius friendships… Aquarians make interesting friends. Where they may encounter turbulence… Aquarians have a tendency to fight for justice on a global scale and are defenders of the downtrodden — often they feel guilty about devoting time to romantic interests.