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Throughout, Duncan shares profiles and vignettes of clients that demonstrate his techniques. Adrian Ross Duncan. Unity in duality. Making ContactCreating the Unified Field.

Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment by Adrian Ross Duncan (Paperback, 2002)

An astrological model of sense filters. SaturnUranus conjunctions SaturnNeptune conjunctions SaturnPluto conjunctions UranusNeptune conjunctions UranusPluto conjunctions NeptunePluto conjunctions Astrology That Works. Gunnar B.

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Evoking sensory experience. Dynamics of resourceful energy state.

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The Inner and Outer Planets. The MoonCradle of the Unconscious.

Manifestation of Moon energy. MercuryMaking Connections. Manifestation of Mercury energy.

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Manifestation of Venus energy. MarsWarrior and Lover. Manifestation of Mars energy. Jupiter through Plutothe Collective Framework. JupiterSaturn conjunctions JupiterUranus conjunctions JupiterNeptune conjunctions Show More Show Less.

Adrian Ross Duncan

Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 7. The Institute by Stephen King Hardcover, 3. Martin Paperback, IT by Stephen King , Paperback 2. The Silmarillion 30th Anniversary by J. You may also like. Paperback Cookbook.

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