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Tuesday begins almost 4 weeks of sweet affection in romantic areas. Sunday daytime is relationship oriented — sign nothing, commit to nothing important. Sunday night to Wed. Almost everything fails in this arena before mid-afternoon Monday, and succeeds after that.

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Culture, law, social rituals, intellect, learning, far travel — and love — float in Wed. Except a work schedule or minor health thing. Become ambitious Fri.

Libra Oct 15-31 - (2019) — NO ONE BETTER THAN THE ONE I GOT .. in love career finance (October 2019)

Take care as opposition, or unexpected circumstances might thwart you. So work alone, but slowly: think thrice before committing to any action. For example, a bit of paperwork is nothing special — but it is if it contains your college admission application. A love letter contains more than it appears to.

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Your home will be affectionate, pleasing Tuesday to Nov. Do chores Sunday daytime, but stay away from anything decorative e. Relationships confront you late Sunday night to Wednesday morning. Duck before Mon. So wait, then do chase someone, or woo your spouse, or form a working association, from Mon. Opportunities, relocation, public dealings also on the Mon.

Dig deep, reject surface appearances. Almost everything succeeds here — except romance. Law, far travel, higher education, international affairs, ethics, cultural and social rites fill Fri. You might suddenly feel the lure of a very sexy person Sat. Best stance Sat.? Be thoughtful — action not necessary. The focus remains on money, earnings, purchases, memory, sensual attractions and depreciating assets e.

All October, money will rush toward you — but it can also rush away, so bank it, avoid debt. You might be tempted to invest — not a bad thing, but avoid impulse, think first. You might make a sweet, light friend this October. Tackle chores this night to Wed. But do dive in Mon.

Relationships, opportunities, negotiations and litigation, and public dealings — these face you Wed. The whole interval is strongly beneficial, except for your home or domestic links. Nothing to worry about. As usual, for best results, co-operate, be diplomatic. My advice? An exciting meeting might arise Sat. Your energy, charisma, clout, effectiveness and timing remain high and strong, Libra. You might encounter an unexpected, stunning and physically stirring meeting Sunday night, but everything love-oriented, before early Monday afternoon, will likely disappoint.

Libra Health & Wellness Horoscope

After this, to Wed. Tuesday, btw. Tackle chores Wed. Eat, dress sensibly. Only one caution: this interval is not a good time to communicate nor to waste time in travel. Friday night and Saturday bring relationships, relocation themes, public interfacing, opportunities and negotiations — but the flip side of these are opposition, challenge, even enmity — even war!

Sidestep conflict Sat. But realize all this will lead to probable disappointment — applies until next Monday morning Oct. Be patient, much better is brewing! Remain in the background — rest, contemplate, plan, deal with advisors, agents, institutions, head offices and civil servants. Do your karma i. Avoid belligerent people and places of violence e. Same period, be wary of volunteering for additional duties, chores or burdens. Despite your weariness, you glow with attraction from Tuesday to Oct.

Errands, contacts and communication fill Sunday daytime. Settle into home, family Sunday night to Wednesday morning. But Monday p.

Libra Horoscope

Romance lights your heart and puts a shine in your eyes Wed. Good luck walks with you the whole interval, with one minor glitch: you could ruin things by seeking casual sex — wait for the deeply passionate stuff. Tackle chores and minor health needs late Fri. You could even change partners. But go slow — practical realities say you might be missing key information. Wishes can come true, Sage! Now to Oct.

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An Aries or Libra or less so, Gemini or Virgo might be involved. So, likely, is a romantic attraction, social goals or a group involvement. Your enthusiasm usually steers you well, so rely on it this week and next — give whatever dampens your enthusiasm a wide berth. Errands, casual contacts, paperwork, travel and communications fill Sun.

Be wary before Mon. A sudden attraction, a hidden but about-to-erupt animosity — either possible Sun. But Mon. Nudge yourself toward home, family, security Wed. Everything here will flow with splendid ease. Hug the kids, start a project garden, education fund, etc.

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Romance, beauty, pleasure and self-expression lift you — at least at first. The accent remains on ambitions, career prospects, interfacing with higher-ups bosses, parents, judges, etc. Operating independently is a mistake. Leo season is an especially social time of year for you, Libra! You love to be entertained by curious characters, and you're meeting some unexpected, eccentric, and delightful people as your ruling planet Venus currently in glamorous Leo squares off with wildcard Uranus in Taurus on August 2.

This is also a brilliant time to create change in the world: Uranus is all about progress, and as it lashes with your ruling planet Venus, unexpected yet fantastic changes can be made. August brings many moments for you to sparkle, which begs the question: Is someone dimming your glow? Get out of relationships that don't allow you to explore, change, grow, or connect with others—you're going to want to do plenty of those things this month, and you don't need anyone holding you down!

Good luck flows as the sun and Venus connect with Jupiter in Sagittarius on August 7 and 8. This is an especially cute moment for you, Libra—you're feeling in-tune with the universe! Wonderful social connections are made and fantastic news arrives. If there is someone in particular you want to meet or a group you want to join, now is a great time for you to do so. This is a fun time for your love life, and while the physical aspects of relationships can certainly be important, it's the intellectual side that you're especially inspired by at this moment.

A long conversation that inspires or even heals you may occur. August 11 is busy: Jupiter ends its retrograde, Mercury enters Leo, and Uranus begins its retrograde. Unlike Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus are slow-moving planets, so their retrogrades don't totally upend our schedules—however, you'll feel a shift in communication as Jupiter changes direction, and you'll notice a change in your personal life as Uranus begins it's retrograde. Surprises concerning money may pop up, and unexpected emotions will bubble to the surface.

Mercury's entry into Leo inspires you to think about the future and finds you eager to connect with people who share your politics, hobbies, hopes, and ideals. It will also bring news concerning your social circle, and as the sun and Venus meet in Leo on August 14, blessings arrive in your friendships.