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But many are out of your hands, which means either battling arrangements you regard as unrealistic or simply waiting to see what happens. Opt for the latter. True, the Pisces Full Moon was three weeks ago. You needed to both gather facts and review the situation in depth. As a Libra, and a logical air sign, you long ago realised that as important as what you say and do may be, being prepared to take the initiative can be crucial. While this change in attitude will be as sudden as it is unexpected, it will also be a huge relief. When you first raised questions about already tense issues, your intention was to encourage discussion.

However, the resulting exchange of ideas swiftly descended into a clash of egos, including you. But events, early next week, will force them to adopt a more flexible approach. That should do the trick. Ironically, that may be your best option. The fact is, certain matters need time and thought. This slower pace will provide for that, and pleasure in the process as well. Sudden changes in plans are always annoying, especially when they demand you rethink existing arrangements.

There is no wrong way to speak the truth, although in the past, certain individuals have criticised your way of raising any such issues. This is actually their strategy for avoiding the matters in question. Planning ahead may be a virtue. Judging by the current crop of twists and turns in circumstances, the more flexible both arrangements and your thinking are, the better. Each is teaching you to be more direct, if not forthright. Sometimes obstacles are exactly that, difficulties to be overcome as swiftly and easily as possible.

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Recently, however, a few have left you with more questions than you have answers. While that may be true, you need the variety of insights they can offer. Explain the nature of your concerns, saying you value their insights but must make your own decisions. These particularly accent the variety of discussions necessary for an understanding to be achieved, which is in turn part of a far reaching plan.

Scorpio Weekly Astrology Horoscope 23rd September 2019

Things will come together, if at the last minute. Few things disappoint you more than having to acknowledge that somebody simply has no intention of doing as they promised.

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The real issue is the individual in question is unreliable. Acknowledge that, and everything else will make sense. For now, focus on the latter.

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The rest can wait. Keep it that way. Yes, that means sidestepping discussions involving the matters in question. That will require tact but, still, is by far the best option. Better yet, what you learn now will prove handy when the need to make those changes arise, as is likely soon. As a Leo and a fire sign, you rarely suffer from the shy self-consciousness others do. Yet you, too, have sensitive sides of your nature, some of which are currently especially vulnerable.

Instead of avoiding these, discuss them openly. Not only will this help others with their struggles, it will boost your spirits, as well. At the moment, this is crucial. So, when you set, reorganise or refuse plans, be especially clear, if not just plain blunt. Long ago you learnt the strategy of taking your time. Most Sagittarians are optimists by nature, and so will see the potential in even seriously challenging situations.

This has nothing to do with the wisdom of your plans, and everything to do with the current swift pace of change. When you sidestepped certain facts, it was because you regarded them as irrelevant to the matters you were discussing. While that was true at the time, things have changed. Emphasise their importance but avoid turning it into a drama.

Now you have an opportunity to deal with it all.

The Week Ahead for Aries

Now, however, you must not only be forthright, you may need to adopt an uncharacteristically aggressive manner. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Wednesday, October 9, All Sections. The Morning and Evening Brief. A daily brief with the biggest stories of the day. More From Lifestyle. Your weekly horoscope: October 8 - October 13, Messages for Mother Earth from Miss Earth candidates. Way to a dog's heart is through its stomach. Leaving UAE? Our guide to a smooth departure. Dog at home means longer life, better heart health. Readers write about community issues.

Salary cut early in life may harm your brain health. Avoid emotional manipulation, secrets and tortured promises.

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With Venus now in your romance zone, there's a definite zing in your step. Whether you're single and looking for love or already happily attached, your heart is singing and you're finding it a joy to be around people. Teamwork is restored at work, even if your relationships with your colleagues have been strained recently. You have the knack now of saying and doing the right thing to smooth over any cracks, so keep using your tact and keep on smiling.

A playful love life is very rewarding this week but watch out for a touch too much drama. If there's anything illicit going on, this energy will raise the stakes, enormously so. Honesty is always the bravest policy, but is it always the best? There's a sentimental and nostalgic vibe around, especially within the home. As even the most difficult family members become easier to handle, you'll want to spend time making your home a warm and welcoming place.

It's a great time to redecorate! Your diplomacy skills are in strong demand right now, so don't be surprised if you're called upon to mediate between friends or family members. Away from this drama, you should enjoy a cordial, friendly week, with lots of social opportunities. You've always loved a touch of luxury but watch out now for over-spending. Learn to value who you are inside, rather than how much money you have. Your inner resourcefulness draws others to your side, especially if you're currently single.

With Venus now in your own sign, your softer, more nurturing side is on display. This is a great week for adopting a new pet, making friends with wildlife or babysitting someone's kids. The vulnerable are drawn to you, and you to them. A secretive edge to your love life could prove exciting - or disastrous. By all means spice things up between the two of you, but if you're considering breaking the rules of love, you can expect to be found out.

And to pay the price.

Weekly Horoscope for Sunday, October 6, | Georgia Nicols

This week, shared interests with friends will be exceptionally rewarding. If you're single, you don't feel that you're missing out and the loneliness you sometimes suffer from is gone. It's a lovely time to appreciate those around you. Use your charm at work to help you make progress. You're coming across now as likeable, competent and trustworthy, so job interviews should go well.

Relationships with colleagues are improved too, and your boss may be eating out of your hand. You're hankering after something new and different this week - something a little bit exotic, perhaps. Try new cuisines, visit new places, strike up new friendships with people from very different backgrounds to your own. There's a big wide world out there. The Aries Full Moon brings out the best in you - your leadership, bravery and boldness are all on display. Unfortunately, however, so is your selfishness and your impatience.

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Focus on your better qualities and keep the others in check! The Full Moon brings a spiritual revelation or awakening, which could be quite a shock. Take this event and run with it, however. There's a great deal more for you to discover, and your talents in this area are growing. A group project of some kind is about to come to a successful conclusion - but this is no time to rest on your laurels.

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