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A guy you loathe and find utterly unattractive can very well touch you in a specific way that kick-starts your libido. A bright blue hue in winter looks modern and fresh because it's unexpected. Apply it with a strong liner to the…. I was early, so they asked if I'd like to listen to the speaker before me. Sure, I said, thinking, Oh, good.

I'll find a quiet corner and get some work done while the speaker rattles on about whatever. Instead, I sat spellbound for the next 30 minutes. The speaker turned out to be Amy Cuddy, the social psychologist and Harvard Business School professor, who explained how in work meetings, women physically shrink their bodies. Men widen their legs and absorb more space. Women do pretzel legs and tuck into ourselves. Ugh, a little depressing. This is the kind of energy about to cycle up for you again, but you must get some extra sleep, and surrender to the tired mind, body, and soul that you feel.

The good news is usually the universe arranges things so that you have a little extra time to melt into cosmic space and daydream a bit more. Decompression, healing, retreats, and the arts are great avenues to indulge in. With the sun, our seasonal spotlight, moving through your domain, you will be feeling all of this in amplified ways. July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: As stated above, this eclipse begins the progression of some of you into a new long-term cycle.

For most, you will still be feeling a certain cusp of endings and beginnings around you. This eclipse will push the issue. It will make you recognize that cycle of life that you are supposed to be engaged with and create events that put you face-to-face with that, making sure that you are going through the cycles of life, just as nature does, properly.

Get out and watch nature, see how even during the summer, some things are dying off. Feel the power of that and how nature can help lead you more naturally to the cycle you need to be attending to in yourself. July 23rd, Leo Season: Welcome season of leisure and love. Ruling over your second house of personal value and material pleasures, this is an area for you that has been receiving new and fresh busts of energy. Dive into the warmth of your heart, the call of joy and command surfacing through how you touch, taste, smell, hear, and see.

Revitalize and find clarity around how simple it is to live with warmth in your senses. Your ability to be detached in entanglements and see from a broad view, the psychology and power dynamics of the groups you share closely with, is being recognized more. Due to this, shifts have had to happen as the ripened energy you have to offer here, needs to find its routes and areas of harmony. New group dynamics may be re-patterning so that you can tango in bigger dances around your open-mind and intimacy, friendships and investments, collaboration and money.

This eclipse is here to push these issues in your life. Some things may need to come to an end in order to for your bounty to be directed to the right tables. Planetary Transitions July whole month : Mars retrograde in Aquarius is going to make the Aquarius eclipse a little more complex. Mars is our planet of assertion, passion, and clarity. As he directs your focus inward rather than forward around the Aquarius part of your chart, it may be that you are asked to do a lot of internal work around how you want to share and collaborate with others.

As you wake on the 10th, go over these questions: How have I found warmth and love for the physical world, for my value, and the simple pleasures of life? How can I now use that to create loving connections and refined community around me? July 10th: In Scorpio since October, Jupiter has been expanding things for you around creative-expression, leadership, and love.

There is intensity, a need for deep sharing, and power attached for you here. For you, this will tug you into the inner recesses of your heart to rethink, reconnect, and revisit what your senses want to value in you and be a part of. Slow down your movement, your mind, and your vital energies in order to create calm inner waters to see to the bottom of your inner seas. This is a rare time of year for you when you get to see your shadows a little more clearly.

You see, you are ending a year cycle in this part of your chart so your closets are extra full right now. The chaos that you might face this season could be quite exhausting and overwhelming, which is part of the process and needed in order to finally let go of some of that baggage. This may all revolve around your emotional life, your family, home, or women. Whatever that is for you—the stars, god, nature, a guide—call on them. There is extra help waiting in the wings ready and willing to swoop in and dissolve some of your messes, ready to do some major healing.

Just as you are releasing some emotional or family baggage mentioned above, a new cycle is waiting in the wings with this eclipse to push new long-term cycles into your life. These could be around how you find spirituality in the feminine, around how you create enchanting art, or find roots and security through arts and mysticism. July 23rd, Leo Season: Ah, your personal season of love, warmth and joy finally arrives to revitalize your energy stores. This is like your personal spring and awakening. It brings clarity, a boost in energy, and a need to toss out the accumulated messes fogging any of your impulses and desires.

Lots of starts and stops are associated with the cycle you are currently in. It takes forming lots of seeds, hatching lots of eggs, and being courageous to get through this time. Not all could be supported long-term, so only what is meant to carry on in tangible development will. The healing you felt in Cancer Season could feel more real in this, your own season, as you feel these beginning steps of renewal infiltrating your life.

Partnerships are the focus here. Others are seeing your elegant ways of being able to dance in collaboration and originality. This eclipse will push and steer you to exchange with the right others, and will also force the issue that you need to start compromising more in your exchanges.

By compromising, you also receive more from others—the upside to attracting bigger stages to play on. There is something irresistible to your aloof, friendly relating that will attract more than your fair share of suitors. Make sure you honor your commitments and not dally around or over promise yourself. By the end of this cycle right around the corner the point is to be in commitments that are harmonious for long-term growth.

Lots of clarity may need to be found around how you want to move forward with partnerships, collaborations, and innovation in your life. Instead of moving in forward motion with your relational paths, move inward and explore what kinds of passions still need to come out of you in these things.

As you wake on the morning of the 10th, ask yourself these questions: How have I found new value and love for myself and my passions over the past month? How can I use that to refine personal value and pleasure in the coming weeks? July 10th: Since October, Jupiter has been expanding truths in your life around your family, roots, and security. In early March, that slowed a bit as he decided to do a much deeper excavation into the power dynamics of your family.

Now as he returns to direct motion, the momentum you felt earlier in the year will reboot and an even greater force of empowerment will be felt in your ability to expand and be precise in growing your sense of security in life. July 26th: Mercury stations retrograde in your own sign of Leo until August 19th. This end of the month cosmic slowdown wants us, but especially you, to direct your mind inward. Slow your motion, you thinking, and your passions so that you can create clear, calm energy.

Sit in meditation daily and through what you are able to clearly see internally, redefine who you are externally. A brand new cycle of growth is here for you, Virgo. Close your eyes and feel into the dark rich soils that have now been prepared for new life to spring from you.

The time has come as the energy of the seed cracking open is in your life. What do you feel passionate and eager about right now? What new big plans are starting to organize in the darkness of a new beginning, the cracking dawn of a new day. Meditate on a sunrise, dew on fresh green blades of grass, and baby birds chirping for plump worms to be fed to them. Let this fill you with the courage you need to walk down new paths. Cancer wants you to break some rules and ask questions that will get you thinking about your future.

Sun enters Sagittarius

There may be women, family members, or things around your home that you are breaking away from or seeing with a more detached lens. There may be groups, women, or collaborative works that are phasing out of your life right now. Art collaborations that are filled with symbolism and meaning could also be healing and decompressing.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: As the north node moves toward Cancer, a new phase is on the cusp of renewing how you find security and nurturing through groups and women. You may cultivate friendships that feel like family and right now that could feel complex. This eclipse is here to shake that up. July 23rd, Leo Season: Season of the sun. Ruling over the last, 12th house of your chart, this season highlights how you connect to spirituality, art, and collective consciousness.

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For over a year, this part of your chart has been getting a reboot. Stand tall and show the world the kind of favoritism and star power the universe feeds you when it comes to art, spirit, and healing energies. Find courage and forge new paths that are being shown to you by unseen things surrounding your life. There is joy to be found in how you see with symbolic meaning and create fantasy realms. July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: There is a lot of collaborative energy that is ripe and looking to find exchanges in the greater world.

Work, wellness, and lifestyle partnerships could be in a dance for you at the moment, needing to find greater compromise in order to find relationships in the world. As you find rhythms with collaborative work and processes, more people will see your ability to harmonize, and feel attracted to being part of your innovative purpose.

It will create endings or beginnings if you are still needing to find the right work projects, group work, and innovations to bring into harmony with others. This will affect the Aquarius Eclipse in that you may be needing to do more internal work than external work to find your harmonies and rhythms around processes and collaboration, around your purpose in working through or with groups and progressive things. Contemplate what clarity you need to find in order to see the future of your work more clearly.

Be bold in clearing out things no longer serving your purpose. July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late at night on the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: What kind of joy and love did I find from the universe and in healing and art over the past month? How can I now use that to refine my personal passions and agendas? July 10th: Jupiter has been traveling through the sign of Scorpio since October, expanding the truths you hold around community, connection, and mentality. July 26th: Mercury stations retrograde in Leo until August 19th. This will turn your mental focus inward to see the universes in side of you.

To rethink, revisit, and revise how you think about art and spirit, about how you find joy through sacred and divine channels, and through how you generate warmth through the unseen magic in the universe. Calm your movement, mind, and vitality in order to see to the bottom of your fluid depths. In order to see that the universe contains access to your warmth and will always have your back and provide plenty, when you ask for it. Your attraction powers through cosmic heart spaces are unparalleled. There are some bigger cycles on the table that are pinning you into some endings and beginnings when it comes to career and aspirations.

You may be having moments of glamorous and beautiful inspiration peeking through, but just as fast the fogs will set in.

These cosmic events occur based on where the degree of the nodes are in relations to new and full moons. Unless you have a planet or MC in the very ending degrees of Cancer, I feel like the greatest effects of this eclipse will have a delayed reaction, playing out near the front end of Leo Season and the Leo part of your chart. Look for new beginnings around the movements, groups, industries, and friendships that you are becoming passionate about. Let these feed and inspire how you will soon be identifying new mountains to climb around achievements.

July 23rd, Leo Season: Our most stable and relaxed summer season arrives with the sun moving to Leo. This sign is going through a major reboot in all of our charts, and for you, this is bringing lots of new passion around groups and collaborations or innovation. How are you using a warm heart and joyful pulse to engage with groups or your future? Soon this will move into a new phase of finding value and pleasure in what is whittling down and sticking around collaborative experiments.

Take some time to center and be clear about what you want your future to look like, and how new groups, collaborations and industries can play a part in pushing your thinking. July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Ruling over how you aloofly and uniquely lead, shine, and play, this eclipse is here to push things that are very ripe and developed in you toward the outer world.

Some endings and beginnings may crop up to push the issue. More compromise is called for, but in that, you find that you also receive more back from others. If you can trust and let go into this time of exchange, it will bring elegance to your life. If endings occur, these are things that did not have the strength to go on in the kinds of outer world pressures that they would have needed to meet with.

Honor the cycles of nature and let these things do as they must. As the universe is pushing you to be brave and engage your creative presence with the world, you may find others wanting to partner with your ability to be detached and innovative in your style. Trust yourself first and then trust that you will attract the right exchanges for your original expression. Planetary Transitions July whole month : With Mars retrograde in Aquarius until mid-August, there is a lot of energy around the Aquarius Eclipse that needs to be directed inward.

You are a sign of compromise, but if you go overboard and detach from your personal passions, everyone loses. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: How have I felt pleasure and love within groups and friendships over the past month? How have those helped me see future possibilities for my life? How can I use that to let go of my boundaries in order to release old love patterns that need to go? Venus is your planetary ruler, so a good tracking of where she is will help you know what phase your soul is in. For you, most of July will be about surrendering and letting go of old baggage.

Again, tap into stillness in order to see all of the complexity that you need to sort through, and how that can all be organized to bring meaning and purpose to your life. July 10th: Jupiter has been traveling through Scorpio since October. In your 2nd house of income and self-worth, there have likely been boosts to your income and feelings of potential around how to enjoy life and feel valuable.

This psychological work will have been worth it as he will newly move forward with extra empowerment, helping you regain trajectory and opportunity in how you feel of worth and value thorugh the resources of others. This is another theme of slow down. In your 11th house of groups, quite your mind, movements, and vitality. Create calm inner thoughts and let Mercury revisit, rethink, and reinvestigate why you are interested in the friendships, groups, and collaborations that you are.

Allow things to go through some rewiring so that you can really connect to your heart and presence later in August, making sure that this part of your life has the information it needs to be joyful and courageous. July 1st, Cancer Season: Before diving into the nuances of the season, a major thread needs to be understood for you. That is that both of your planetary rulers, Pluto and Mars, will be in retrograde all month. This means that no matter what new, old, or mundane things occur, you need to keep a step back from it all, observe, and watch your internal wiring.

There are things deep inside of you that you are needing to revisit and reflect on. Given this, parts of you will want to engage in the releases and new trajectories of eclipse season, but try to give yourself the gift of time and distance before you make any definite plans. Stay neutral for the time being. Your moment to act on all of the shifts will come. Partially as Mars moves direct at the end of August, and partially after Pluto returns to direct after the end of September. Later in the autumn will be your moment to pull the trigger on things stacking up on the sidelines.

Do you feel the presence of a darkest hour? Of the hope and faith that arises from bright stars that you can see in that darkness? For you, Cancer Season illuminates that part of your chart that is about looking to the stars, seeing life from a 10,ft view, and pointing your compass toward the adventures and exploration that will push your boundaries and your growth. It wants you to charge into things and places unknown to you. For you, this all relates back to the themes of Cancer: home, family, roots, security, nurturing.

This summer is primed for doing this kind of work before the north node returns to Cancer and resets new paths and trajectories for you to bravely explore. Surrender and release are the way to transcend what feels exhausting, big, and difficult. Put some relaxing music on, dive into a beautiful movie, or walk in nature. The cosmos are close by right now and want to whisper inspired messages to you. And although this will bring fresh notes your way in how you expand and explore through your roots and family, it may not be until late autumn when the north node actually moves into Cancer, that you understand where or why this eclipse is reorienting some things in your life.

For now, embrace the new starts with the things fading. A new year cycle is trying to get your attention. July 23rd, Leo Season: A season of sun, of love, of play. Leo currently holds our seed energy in life. The north node gracing this sign has created a reset for each sign in the part of their chart that is holds. For you, this is your 10th house of career and achievement. A new year cycle is upon you and that can be exciting, passionate, and selfish all wrapped up into one bundle.

The thing is with new starts is you have to try new things and be brave in the face of a lot of failure until you find the right trajectory. Find your resilience and utilize that extra boost of passion you have to keep getting up until you figure out what you are wanting career-wise in your life. July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Just as the Leo part of your chart is going through fresh bursts of seed energy, the Aquarius part of your chart is coming into ripe fullness.

Parts of the Body Ruled By Sagittarius The liver, hips, and thighs - Sagittarians have a sensitive liver and may be susceptible to alcohol abuse and hepatitis. However, their love of the outdoors helps them keep healthy.

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Samuel L. Kennedy Jr. The friendliest of all signs, a Sagittarius can be your best friend, but their roaming nature may not make them a good lover. They are however, fun loving, charming, and honest. Their creative minds will amaze you and keep you thoroughly entertained. More About Sagittarius Now you know all about a Sagittarian's personality why not find out what they're like when it comes to love by reading our article Sagittarius in Love.

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Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable Signs. Personality Traits of a Capricorn. Personality Traits of a Scorpio. Personality Traits of a Virgo. All was true for me other than the whole "loves change" thing, I hate things changing of plans suddenly canceled, I don't know why I've just really been into my zodiac sign Saggitarius for the last couple of weeks! Kai - 2-Nov AM. Bella - Jul PM. Just wanted to let you know that Ozzy was born on my birthday Dec 3rd Lyndi - 4-Jul AM. I'm a saggitarise as well that means I have all of that in me and more plus this info was very useful Hannah Montana - May PM.

Everything was basically right except the me being careless part. All said about Sagittarius star sign is true with me. I love this Fogo - 5-May PM. I love a cancerian and I am also cancerian, is it a strong match? Anny - Apr AM. I agree to disagree with some of the personality traits. I am not an extrovert more introverted and a loner at time. AJ - Apr PM. Well I'm a sagittarius so on the scorpio sagittarius cusp so I'm mainly Sagittarius but have Scorpio influences so yes I'm talkive and social but sometimes can be also quiet and reversed and yes independent free spirited is correct and dam do I love adventure never met another Sagittarius they doesn't like adventure lol we are born to explore travel and live life to the fullest my brother two cousins and nephew are also sagittarius my baby nephew is like a wiggle worm he does not stay still or like to be in his car seat for long he also does funny stuff when hes mums gone makes funny sounds and fake coughs so we look at him lol he is the cutest tho so love him!

Well, I think loads of these traits suit me down to the ground. Kaylz - Apr AM.

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Some of it ain't true. I'm not a talkative guy, actually I'm the quiet, shy type. I'm also not impatient and frank. I do love the outdoors though. Drew - 5-Jan PM. That's true, I never like to stay in one place, I constantly wanna get out of the house. Gerb - Dec PM.

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Also to added to your list of musicians that is Sagittarius, Jay-Z December 4th. I agree with the description. I feel that one can rise up from the hard times and become a better person. Always try to improve yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually so that you can live your life to the full :- Angie - 3-Oct PM.

The only thing I'm not is talkative. Actually the exact opposite. At the same time I'm not shy though.