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He told me how touching it was to find that again and how deeply that guidance was perfect for where he is in life now. Someone else has Sag on the 2nd house and within a few days of the ingress, she realized that her income needed boosting and applied for Social Security retirement benefits a bit early. She took this action decisively, after thinking about it for at least a year.

Another person with Sag on the 2nd-house cusp just found out she will be unable to work for quite awhile as she needs a minor surgery; she is going to write a new resume and look for a less physically demanding source of income. Saturn changing signs is often something we notice. When considering whole sign houses, the focus of our attention changes, from the matters of one house to the next house. Along with the change in house, we can look at any natal planets in very early Sagittarius as having a current transmission to take us through what might seem to be a melancholy passageway into a teaching that we are ready to hear.

Hopkins Medicine. Some of his points which sound like antidotes for Saturn in Sag :. Commenters: set up your photo on gravatar. I worked with him at an acupuncture college in the Eighties. I have wanted to contact him about the revue for 2 years or more, but was very intimidated. Now I think, what the heck? Life is short. Also, traveling in Mexico since the end of October challenges me in various ways, as I have seldom ventured out of Ashland for over 30 years, and certainly not for 5 or 6 months. I like meeting new people along the way…it accentuates the way that things are always unfolding in mysterious ways.

Progressed Sun in Gemini at 3 degrees and Progressed Asdt. In Sag…. All that deep work in Scorpio and getting clear about what I want and need, has helped open some new doors. Mundanely speaking, this Dec. Wow, that is me 19 deg Sag ascendant. Have been feeling like I need a shift however now it has become such a strong feeling and yes for the first time it is my and my daughters decision, no other. Yes we are visualising it now and making plan, even if it is simply decluttering as a first step. Also feels like it is time to integrate my past, the healer, the meditator with the Mama.

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Life has made it impossible to ignore. I am a Sag rising [26 degrees], and had been profoundly changed while Saturn traversed Scorpio. When Saturn moved to Sag along with all the other KEY aspects and transits my life became unrecognizable! Literally a few bucks in the bank, no source of income at all, and a stack of bills. What a brave and trusting change for you…be well on your journey and thank you for sharing..

Great article Mary. Saturn has just entered my whole sigh 9th house after an arduous residence in my sun sign during which I completed my masters degree. On Dec 23 I got an email from my college professor initiatiating an offer to co-write a paper on my research for a peer reviewed journal and assist with a chapter on a book he was editing.

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This was not a surprise as he told me when saturn was early in my 8th that he would like to support my writing career, although I had almost given up as the last year of Saturn in my 8th was exhausting. Needless to say I felt a sudden wave of enthusiastic mutable Sagitarius energy and responded decisively.

Note that the email came in during the last 6 seconds of the 29th degree of Scorpio I am in Australia so earlier time than US and after a few emails back and forth by he sent his specific recommendations and a plan for the paper. Saturn had moved to exactly 0 degrees of Sag, making both publishing projects viable and concrete. Natal Sag Moon 0 degrees. Natal Jupiter in Sag 1 degrees. Saturn in Sag currently in my 9th house. I just figured out how Saturn in Scorpio affected me by reading this. Happy New Year! I love this research feedback and will share on my Facebook Page! No time to say more.

I finished and submitted a 4,word essay to a noted academic journal on 1. The editor emailed on Dec. I pulled a marathon writing session, getting all the rough drafts and notes together. Another equally taxing writing opportunity surfaced in early Dec. Now I see: more work but the projects are higher status. I am of the age when this is my second bout of Saturn returning to my Ascendant — 15 deg. In Cancer, birth, mothering, nurturing, homemaking applies. Also the mutable t-square in early degrees is again present, this time between the Sun and Moon, Mars, and Chiron.

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Within these commonalities we can form some reasonable expectations. The Taurus theme tells us it is appropriate to focus on economic issues. Furthermore, Jupiter is part of a loose earth grand trine with Mars and Pluto. With all three planets being somewhat near their stations, we know this grand trine will be re-visited. This will happen in mid March when Mars squares the Lunar Nodes.

I suspect March will be a major culmination of the energies that are beginning to gather steam now. In the short term, this partial solar eclipse is followed in two weeks by a total lunar eclipse.

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Both eclipses occur during Mercury retrograde. This has only served to strengthen their resolve, and now the protests are spreading onto college campuses. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens with OWS at the next two passes of Mercury over the North Node and the Great Attractor, in retrograde motion on December 2nd and in direct motion on December 26th. Stay tuned for more on that in two weeks, when I cover the coming total lunar eclipse.

In this context the word systems is used to refer specifically to self-regulating systems, i. Self-regulating systems are found in nature, including the physiological systems of our body, in local and global ecosystems, and in climate — and in human learning processes. David Solte — proposed a rectified chart for the U. He was a frequent contributor to TMA before his untimely death. David Solte Memorial. Gary P. Caton is an eclectic Astrologer who embraces an organic process-oriented approach of spiritual exploration via the Living Sky. Gary has studied Spirituality for over 22 years.

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After exploring Shamanism and the Tarot, his life was changed in by a magnificent Dream where he was shown planetary alignments and became an Astrologer. Gary earned a degree in Counseling with honors and has developed a unique multi-disciplinary path to practicing Astrology over 18 years. Connect with Gary at DreamAstrologer. Commenters: set up your photo on gravatar. It reminds me of what happens through the Creative Process- where a problem is analyzed- broken down into its parts and then Synthesis occurs- when we understand all the pieces and how they work together.

In the end the Whole is greater than its parts. It is time to come up with some creative solutions. The failure of the Supercommittee this week and the shutting down of OWS are showing us that these kinds of solutions- while they might have made us more aware of the scale of the problems- are not going to bring us the creative change we need. One last note- The chart for the beginning of the Saros series is a powerful one- Mars at 0 degrees Aries-whoa! An extremely knowledgeable and well-written article with some interesting observations.

Now Eclipse is occurring in SAG again after 18 years it may be possible that from the ashes of war new power center will be emerged just like China and India. Furthermore, Sag being sign of banking we see subprime crisis. I think this eclipe will definitely break monopoly tendency of banking sector few banks captures huge business there is no competition.

Perhaps banking will be changed and new trend based on compitition will be emerged.

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  7. Perhaps Pluto being transit in Capricorn, sign of government, state and business, will trnsform throughout world and movement aginst exploitation and malpractice corruption will be seen. I will be waiting for your comments. Charmaine, I understand and appreciate your desire for a global perspective. Certainly, I acknowledge that the conflagrations are global in nature, both here and in my blog post referenced and linked to in the final paragraph. Karl — the spin has just started with accusations hurled at Iran of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. No facts support this — but it worked to get us to invade Iraq.

    I suspect the military cuts slated by the failure of the congressional super committee will now be revoked. And that will entail many more cuts in supporting the poor, the destitute and the most vulnerable among us. Thank you once again for a mentally stimulating article; I always learn something new from you. Progressed Sibly Venus has recently been conjunct natal Chiron increase awareness through pain at 20 Aries in the U. Sibly chart. Natal Aries Chiron then opposes natal Juno equality of relationship in Libra bringing this inherent aspect to life along with the timing of the other major wakeup cycles.

    Makes me wonder what was going on when the progressed Venus was conjunct the progressed Chiron around 17 Aries. Just want to inform readers that David Solte first published his two-part argument for the Scorpionic America chart in the Feb. So if this eclipse activates the US Moon, we may see those lines activated. David eventually published a book with much of that info pulled together; not sure on where the book is currently available. This aspect can be linked to the Penn State scandal. In the Saros chart Mercury, representing young people, is at 5 Gemini.

    Sandusky also has a natal opposition between Chiron 15 Virgo 9 rx and the asteroid Child 15 Pisces 45 which is square the present-day nodes of the Moon.

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    Pingback: How about a Mercury Retrograde with a nice solar eclipse finish for after Thanksgiving dinner? No wonder people think they were behind this. It seems that in the chart Saturn in Sagittarius trine the eclipse ruler Venus in early Aries on the World axis represents enduring publications which erode Neptune the stranglehold of longstanding views based on fragmented or incomplete knowledge Gemini.

    In the subsequent eclipses Feb 3, and May 11, we see conjunctions and oppositions to the early Aries and mid-Taurus positions which hold the power of the Mundane or World axis. With Uranus holding the World axis in this chart it looks like we could hope for some sort of publication coming from or inspired by the Occupy movements or other current revolutionary movements or perhaps a supreme court decision whose backlash has the same power to galvanize change as the aforementioned publications, similar to the Dred Scott decision Scott was born in the year -which also saw an eclipse of this same series.